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Joystick Dual Lock On Grips Black

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Handlebar grips are an important part of bicycle handling and riding comfort. Grips provide padding to help reduce the vibrations from the trail and they also provide the necessary grip so you can hold onto the bars while you’re bombin’ down the mountain. The Joystick X Logo Dual Lock-On Grips are designed with both carbon fiber and aluminum handlebars in mind. They are designed to securely fasten to the handlebars while minimizing the contact the alloy clamps have with the handlebar. It features a narrow profile and a rubber control pattern that makes for a comfortable feel and provides an anti-slip and shock absorbing grip. The X Logo Dual Lock-On Grips are 135mm in length and have a 30mm diameter.


  • Rubber control pattern provides a comfortable feel and anti-slip grip
  • Securely fastens to the bar with alloy lock-on clamps
  • Length: 135mm
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