About Us

Smith Creek Cycle's Team


Hey riders! Welcome to Smith Creek Cycle – not just a bike shop but the coolest pit stop for all things biking in West Kelowna. We kicked off this adventure in October 2020, and since then, we've been turning wheels, breaking chains (figuratively, mostly), and creating a buzz in our biking community. 

Our Mission

At Smith Creek Cycle, we're on a crusade – nothing too serious, just getting more butts on bikes by making cycling a damn good time for everyone. We believe in the wind in your hair, the joy of the ride, and the liberating feeling that comes with cruising on two wheels. Whether you're a biking sage or a newbie, you will feel welcome coming in and seeing us! Our staff are a group of people who love cycling and want to share the love with our community.  

Why We're Not Your Average Bike Shop

We're not just slinging bikes; we're a group of biking fanatics who believe in community vibes, sustainability, and we genuinely care about your ride, you, our trails, and our community. Our shop isn't just a place to buy stuff; it's where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and adventures begin. And yeah, we do things differently. We’re ALWAYS pushing for better, better service, better knowledge, better processes, and better value for you. 

Our Standout Stuff

Ever heard of Banshee or Deviate? Yeah, we're not sticking to the mainstream. From those to the more familiar Cannondale and Ibis, our selection is curated with the kind of sass that says, "We ride to our own rhythm." Head to our service department; it's the hub of all things badass – We have arguably the best equipment in the business. From our world class Laba 7 Vacuum Bleeder, Ride Wrap Super Cutter, Spoke Cutter, Burnishing Tool, to our love for the basics like Wera, Knipex, and Snap On we only use the best to maintain your ride. 

Community Love – It's Real

We're not just a shop; we're a part of West Kelowna's beating heart. We've fixed up thousands of bikes, donated over two hundred to cool kids in need through Elevation Outdoors, and rallied for local trails because, hey, our community rocks. We're in this for the long haul, not just a quick ride. 

In 2023 alone we donated over 10,000 in cash to: 

  1. Elevation Outdoors 
  2. Julias Junction 
  3. West Kelowna Trail Crew 
  4. CRIS Adaptive  

We also tuned up over 130 bikes to give to kids in need for Christmas, ran group rides, and attended community events. Like we said, we give really care. 

Meet the Misfit Team

We're not just here for the paycheck; we genuinely give a shit. From our Manager leading the pack to our sales guru finding you the sweetest ride and our mechanic ensuring your bike purrs like a kitten, we're a bunch bonded by the love for bikes, kickass service, and making things better just because. 

What Awaits You

Beyond the shiny bikes and rad gear, what you'll find here is an atmosphere where service meets confidence and humility, the passion is contagious, and giving a shit is our second nature. We've teamed up with local legends like Community Recreational Initiatives Society and Elevation Outdoors, offering discounts, donating bikes, and basically making our community even more awesome. 

Join the Two-Wheel Shenanigans

Whether you're after the latest gear, a bike that screams 'you,' or just a friendly spot to shoot the breeze about your next biking escapade – Smith Creek Cycle is where it's at. We're not just a shop; we're your biking comrades. Come, pedal with us, and let's create some unforgettable two-wheeled memories together.