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And you thought you'd never get big air … If you're a tubeless tire convert, you'll wonder how you lived without this pump. Works on any type of bicycle valve with the flick of a lever. No leaking, no fuss. Clean and simple.

Fix stuff, split links, win kudos. All the hex and Torx keys you're ever going to need in a portable tool, with the addition of a disc pad spreader and a tool that'll remove the stubbornest split links.


  • Tubeless seating - Quick, reliable, tubeless inflation. Now everyone can seat tubeless tires without needing a garage full of compressors and hoses.
  • Air bleed button - Button on the pump head micro-adjusts pressure.
  • Charge switch - You're charging or you're inflating. The two-position switch allows you to charge the chamber in position one. In position two, that air is forced into the tire. You can now use the chamber like a regular floor pump.
  • Hold tight - A riser bar with comfortable grips comes stock, but a regular 31.8 mm stem clamp allows you to fit your favorite handlebar for welcome familiarity and sneaky training.
  • Aviation gauge - Our huge 2.75-inch top-mounted gauge lets you easily read off the pressure without stooping down.