Wheels, and Everything Else

 Wheels and Everything Else

If you don't see what you need you can call or text 250-869-8878, or email info@smithcreekcycle.ca

Wheel Build (Including Rim Tape Install, Spoke Calculation, and Re-tension) $105.00
Wheel True $35.00
Spoke Install (Includes True, and New Rim Tape Installed) $55.00
Bike Build $225.00
Bike Build (boxed) $130.00
Box Up Bike (for shipping) $100.00
Frame Swap $240.00
Drivetrain Install (Chain, Chainring, Cassette, Shift Cable, Housing) $75.00
Chain Clean & Lube $25.00
Cassette Clean & Lube $25.00
Chain Install $20.00
Cassette Install $15.00
Chainguide Install $50.00
Chainring Install $20.00
Crank Install $25.00
Bottom Bracket Install $30.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $35.00
Crank & Bottom Bracket Install $30.00
Face & Chase Bottom Bracket Shell $45.00
Derailleur Adjustment $20.00
Cable/Housing Install (Includes Derailleur Adjust) $30.00
Derailleur Install (per unit) $25.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $20.00
Front Derailleur Adjust $20.00
Brake Bleed (One Wheel) $40.00
Shorten Brake Hose (Includes bleed, Olive/Barb) $45.00
Brake Adjust (per wheel) $15.00
Disc Brake Pad Install (per wheel) $15.00
Disk Brake Install (per wheel) $35.00
Rotor Install (per wheel) $15.00
Brake Hose Install (per wheel, includes bleed) $40.00
Brake Bleed (Both Wheels) $65.00
Headset Adjust $15.00
Headset Install $35.00
Headset Overhaul $35.00
Install Crown Race $17.00
Cut Steer Tube $17.00
Star Nut Install $17.00
New Fork Install (Old fork removal, cut steer tube, star nut install, crown race install, installed on bike) $45.00
Customer Supplied New Fork Install (Old fork removal, cut steer tube, star nut install, crown race install, installed on bike) $90.00
Headset Overhaul - As Part of Fork Service $25.00
Face Head Tube $40.00
Adjust Front Hub $20.00
Adjust Rear Hub $20.00
Overhaul Front Hub $30.00
Overhaul Rear Hub $30.00
Freehub Install $30.00
Written Insurance Estimate $40.00
Overhaul Pedals $35.00
Install Pedals $10.00
Rim Brake Adjust (per wheel) $15.00
Cable Install (per wheel) $20.00
Pad Install (per wheel) $15.00
Brake Lever Install (per wheel) $20.00
Brake Caliper Install (per wheel) $20.00
OneUp, PNW, Tranz X rebuild (excluding parts) $80.00
Seat Install $17.50
Seatpost Install $17.50
Dropper Post Install $40.00
Remove Seized Seatpost (Hourly) $85.00
Reverb Rebuild (Including common parts, and bleed) $120.00
Other Dropper Rebuild (Hourly) $85.00
Shifter Install (per side) $20.00
Stem Install $20.00
Handlebar Install $22.50
Cut Handlebar $15.00
Install Grips $10.00
Tape Drop Bar $35.00
Flat Repair (per wheel) $20.00
Tire/Tube Install (per wheel) $22.50
Tubeless Tire Install (per wheel) $20.00
Tubeless Conversion (Per Wheel, Includes Sealant, Rim Tape, Valve)) $50.00


All pricing is plus parts. We can provide you with a quote before completing work to ensure satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our work, the pricing outlined is the minimum work we will complete for that price. The pricing also includes labor to replace most wear and tear parts on the bike that could need replacing. We work hard to maintain fair pricing, our reputation, and quality work.