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Suspension Services - ND Tuned, Fork and Shock Service

Service  Price
ND Tuned Stanchion Install* $30.00
ND Tuned Steer Tube Install* $30.00
CSU Decreak* $25.00
Fork Lower Overhaul - 50 Hour Service (lowers removed and cleaned properly, we don't offer "oil changes") $60.00
Fork Lower Overhaul + Damper Oil Change (Most Models) $90.00
Complete Fork Teardown and Overhaul (Most Models) $120.00
DVO Rear Shock Overhaul (Select Models) $135.00
Fox 2016 + Rear Shock Overhaul (Select Models) $155.00
Rockshox Rear Shock Overhaul (Most Models) $135.00
DVO Air Can Service $50.00
Fox 2016 + Rear Shock Air Can Service (Select Models) $50.00
Rockshox Air Can Service (All Models) $50.00
Pivot Overhaul (per hour) $85.00
DU Bushing Install $15.00
Spring Swap $15.00


We use a vacuum bleeder on all bleeds, and nitrogen charge when required. The correct tools, and the correct process makes a BIG difference in your ride, don't trust your advanced suspension work to someone without the right tools.

All pricing is plus seals (if required) and oils.

We DO NOT always replace seals, a well maintained fork does not need to have seals replaced every 50 hours, and the longer the seals stay in the fork the smoother the fork will get.

In the event we made the choice to not replace your seals and they begin to leak within 3 months of the work (or longer over the winter) we will replace them at no cost to you. (Just pay for the replacement seals)


Our Oils

We use the best oils we can find to service your suspension, we've experimented with several and have started narrowing down our oil selection based on longevity, consistency, and real world experience.

Motul Oils has quickly become a go to for us. However we still use Fox, and Rockshox for some applications.


Our Seals

We typically use SKF, Racing Bros, or OEM seals. We've found that while SKF does provide the smoothest seals they typically need to be replaced more than others and the performance can typically be duplicated by maintaining your fork well while using Racing Bros.

Racing Bros seem to be a happy medium between durability and an upgrade, with regular service we've been able to break these seals in and get them incredibly smooth.

OEM - We use OEM seals when we can't source other options or a customer requests it, OEM depending on the brand tend to provide durability but tend to lack some of the break in qualities of Racing Bros or SKF seals.

Seal pricing:

Air can seal kits - $30-$45

Fork lower kits - $30-$55