Where to Fat Bike in the Okanagan: An Adventurers Guide

When the snow blankets the Okanagan region, don't let your biking adventures hibernate. Embrace the winter wonderland on two wheels with fat biking, a thrilling experience that turns snowy landscapes into your very own playground. Here's a guide to some epic fat biking locations in the Okanagan that'll have you pedaling through the snow in style.

Big White Ski Resort: Conquer the Alpine Trails

Big White isn't just for skiers and snowboarders; it's a fat biker's dream too. The resort offers a featured fat bike trail, weaving through enchanting alpine scenery. Requiring a $15 trail-access day pass, you can turn this trip into a multi-sport excursion by bringing out your snowshoes! Pull out that fat bike and explore the snowy terrain with breathtaking views of the Monashee Mountains and dense forest-scapes. 

Photo via: Big White Ski Resort

Silverstar Mountain Resort: Shred the Snowy Slopes

Silverstar is not only famous for its champagne powder and long ski runs but also for its fantastic fat biking opportunities. With designated 15 kilometers of fat bike trails weaving through the snowy slopes, you can enjoy a unique ride with the crisp mountain air filling your lungs. For a price of $14 you will have full access to the mountains nordic trail system, featuring snowshoeing and cross-country skiing as well! The trails are groomed and inspected regularly, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride around the mountain. If you don't have your own bike, Silverstar offers fat bike rentals that are perfect to get you out on those trails.

Photo via: Silverstar Mountain Resort

Myra Trestles: Historic Trails in Winter Splendor

Explore the historical Kettle Valley Railway trails at Myra Bellevue Provincial Park on your fat bike. As the snow transforms the landscape, you can pedal along the picturesque trestles and tunnels, immersing yourself in the winter splendor. The park offers a serene escape, allowing you to experience the beauty of the Okanagan winter.

Photo via: Tourism Kelowna

Crawford Trail System: Singletrack Bliss in the Snow

For those craving some singletrack action in the snow, the Crawford Trail System delivers. With its diverse network of trails, ranging from easy to challenging, this area offers a fat biking experience like no other. Navigate through snow-laden forests and enjoy the peaceful serenity of winter as you cruise along the groomed trails.

View Crawford Trails Trail map on Trailforks HERE

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park: Elevate Your Fat Biking Experience

Elevate your fat biking adventure at Kalamalka Park. Just on the outskirts of Vernon, BC, Kalamalka Park offers great views of the Okanagan and surrounding lakes. These groomed trails are made by the North Okanagan Cycling Society with their own 2 wheel drive Rocon motor bike. Unleash your inner adventurer as you ride through the snowy landscapes adjacent to Kalamalka Lake.

Photo via: NOCS

Sun Peaks Ski Area: Northward Bound for Winter Bliss

Venture a little further north, and you'll discover fat biking paradise at Sun Peaks Ski Area. With its extensive trail network and stunning mountain vistas, fat bike rentals, and a small $5 trail fee, Sun Peaks offers an unforgettable winter biking experience. Whether you're exploring the village or tackling the Nordic trails, your fat bike is your ticket to winter bliss in the Okanagan.

Photo via: Sun Peaks Ski Area

So, gear up, grab your fat bike, and embark on an Okanagan winter adventure like never before. These locations are waiting to be explored, promising a snowy cycling experience that's equal parts thrilling and picturesque. Happy riding!

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