WPL Tire Sealant 250ml

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WPL Race Ready Tubeless Sealant is a nano-technology powered, fully bio-based formula harnessing natural fibrous tissue that seals punctures of sizes varying from 1 micrometer up to 1/2” in size. Nano particles fill pores in the rubber tire preventing air loss over extended periods of time, and larger particles are emulsified in a solution engineered to perform in a very broad temperature range, ensuring a hassle free race run every time.


  • Contains strictly natural fibres from sustainable sources
  • Fibers vary in size to feel punctures from micormeter up to 1/2” in size
  • Solution is emulsified using bi-based chemicals that are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and eco-friendly
  • Formula has been chemically engineered to perform in mild to extreme conditions in a temperature range of -10°F(-23°C) to 225°F(107.2°C)
  • Nano Particles fill pores in the rubber tires to prevent air loss over extended periods of time
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