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REDSHIFT SHOCKSTOP SEATPOST: 280mm: 27.2mm seatpost

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$319.00 CAD
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$319.00 CAD
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$319.00 CAD

The minimal design of the ShockStop Suspension Seatpost blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of modern gravel, road, and e-bikes. Along with the ShockStop Stem, this suspension system works together to reduce fatigue and strain, letting you ride further, faster, and more comfortably.


• Go further - reducing fatigue from bumps and vibrations with a superior shock absorber
• Ride faster - energy that is normally wasted suspending your body is converted into forward motion
• Take control - customize your suspension feel to float over obstacles and maintain control


• The ShockStop Suspension Seatpost is available in two length options:
            - 280mm and 350mm
• 35mm of active suspension travel
• Infinitely adjustable stiffness via pre-load adjustment and swappable springs
• Adjusting stiffness / pre-load does not reduce travel
• Swappable springs included to accommodate heavier riders and/or ride preference
• Optimized linkage geometry provides ultra-responsive suspension feel
• Check technical specifications for compatibility

What's in the Box:

• 1 x ShockStop Suspension Seatpost
• 2 x springs (1 pre-installed, 1 included in box for increased stiffness)
• All required hardware