Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring 67mm Stroke (Claymore) 548lb/in, 36/96N/MM

Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring 67mm Stroke (Claymore) 548lb/in, 36/96N/MM

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Introducing the Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring 67mm Stroke (Claymore) in a 548lb/in (36/96N/MM) variant, a high-performance suspension spring designed to optimize the performance and responsiveness of your mountain bike. Engineered with precision and crafted from premium materials, this lightweight steel spring offers superior durability and exceptional performance for riders seeking the perfect balance of control and comfort.

The Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring is specifically designed for a 67mm stroke, making it compatible with a range of mountain bike suspension systems. Its 548lb/in (36/96N/MM) rating provides a balanced level of stiffness and responsiveness, delivering excellent support and traction while absorbing impacts on rough terrain. Whether you're conquering challenging descents or navigating technical trails, this spring will enhance your riding experience by providing a smooth and controlled suspension feel.

Constructed from high-quality steel, this spring combines strength and lightweight characteristics. The advanced manufacturing techniques ensure optimal performance while minimizing weight, allowing for improved suspension efficiency and increased overall maneuverability on the trails. Experience enhanced agility and responsiveness with the Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring, enabling you to confidently tackle any terrain.

Compatibility is essential, and the Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring is designed to fit a variety of suspension systems. Its 67mm stroke measurement ensures a proper fit, while the universal 548lb/in (36/96N/MM) rating offers versatility for a range of rider weights and preferences. This spring is an excellent choice for riders looking to fine-tune their suspension setup and optimize their bike's performance.

Installing the Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring is a straightforward process, thanks to its compatibility and user-friendly design. It integrates seamlessly with most suspension systems, allowing for easy installation and adjustments to dial in your preferred suspension characteristics. Fine-tune your bike's performance with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and high-quality spring supporting your rides.

Upgrade your mountain biking experience with the Ohlins Lightweight Steel Spring 67mm Stroke (Claymore) 548lb/in (36/96N/MM). Enjoy the benefits of superior durability, precise engineering, and exceptional performance. Whether you're an avid trail rider, downhill enthusiast, or enduro racer, this spring will elevate your suspension performance, providing the control and comfort you need to push your limits and conquer the mountain.

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