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MTX Braking


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The choice for absolute feel and power

Our Red Label RACE Ceramic is the flagship brake pad in our lineup. Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar®, MTX CeraEvo® ceramic materials and other Japan-sourced additives and modifiers, we are bringing the performance benefit of ceramic to the cycling industry.

Power - The dense MTX CeraEvo® ceramic material provides the ultimate interface for your rotor

Modulation - Control your corners with the ability to temper exactly the braking power needed.

Silence - Our Red Label RACE Ceramic produces next-to-zero noise output under any condition.

Who is the Red Label RACE compound for?

Specific compounds for specific needs

With incredible power generated from our Red Labels plus the outstanding modulation, racers get the best of both worlds to maximize corner speed & control at race-pace.
Performance fanatics
This product is a performance upgrade, not just a wear-item. These are for those who are always searching for more and pushing limits.
The silent type
Our Red Label RACE brake pads recover incredibly fast in wet conditions, bringing them back to silence very quickly. Red Label RACE are for those who can’t stand the brake squeal.