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Granite Design

Granite Design Hex Bike Stand

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$100.00 CAD
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$100.00 CAD

Product description Granite design Hex Shimano M20

An M20 adapter for Shimano road crankarm is also included in the box. Replacing the left crankset bolt with the adapter, the road crankset can be adapted to the 10mm axle of Hex stand.

Adjustable Axle Height:
- Hex stand has the unique height adjustment feature. There is 65mm adjustment range that makes Hex stand fit up to 400mm BB height.

- Hex stand is design for the bikes with hollow axle crankset. It is compatible with most mountain bike cranksets and Shimano road crankset with M20 adapter bolt.


- Foldable
- Lightweight
- Shimano road crankset adapable
- Aircraft grade alloy
- Height adjustable
- Upward tilted axle


- Weight: 720g (1.6 lb)
- Max.Load: 20kg