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Pipedream set a new benchmark and painted it hot pink!

In a time when seat tubes were tall and bikes were short, the Moxie represented a different way of thinking. What if sizing was done on length rather than seat tube height? Why shouldn’t all riders benefit from excellent geometry? The Moxie was born and we haven’t looked back.

The evolution has continued and this latest version of the Moxie is slacker and steeper in all the right places. With this, we’ve opened up its capabilities further whilst keeping the original style that made the Moxie special. 

Taking things back to the original riding experience, the Moxie gives you that raw, authentic two-wheeled adventure. Feel connected to the trail in a way that is only possible on a hardtail, safe in the knowledge that good geometry is more important than suspension travel. This is a hardtail fit for anything you can throw at it, and if you want to try and find the limits of the Moxie’s capabilities be our guest, but don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Build it light and fast or build it tough and burly, a Moxie’s personality is only truly revealed in a finished build and how and where you ride it.

All steel, all trail, all Moxie.

Useful things to know.

Updated in 2020, the Moxie Mx3 is the most current model. Compared to the previous Mx2 (2018-19), it has a longer head tube and uses the same top tube as The Full Moxie so is it can run a 29er fork with up to 170mm travel. The chainstay yoke has also been widened for more tire clearance.

  • Optimised for 140mm to 170mm travel fork.
  • 29er, 27.5+, 27.5 or ‘mullet’.
  • 64-degree head angle.
  • 77.5-degree seat angle for easier climbing.
  • Our signature, optimised, dropper-specific seat tube.
  • 3 sizes to fit riders from approx’ 4’11” to 6’3” (1.5-1.9m).
  • Custom butted, heat treated CrMo 4130.
  • Butt profiles for optimal strength.
  • CNC CS/BB yoke for compliance and more tire clearance.
  • 1 set of bottle bosses on DT.
  • Sliding dropouts give +16mm of chainstay length adjustment.
  • Metal headbadge.


Rider Height 4'11" - 5'4" 5'3" - 6'0" 5'10" - 6'3"
Size Longish (Small) Long (medium) Longer (Large)
A: Head Angle 64 64 64
B: Seat Angle (effective) 77.5 77.5 77.5
C: ST C-T 395 420 420
D: TT Length (effective) 580 610 650
E: HT Length 105 105 105
F: BB Drop -64 -64 -64
G: Chainstay Length 425-441 425-441 425-441
H: Wheelbase 1198-1214 1224-1240 1264-1280
X: Reach 440 470 510
Y: Stack 642 642 642


 Drop Optimized Geometry 

This is our philosophy, a combination of what we believe to be the best possible geometry for mountain bikes. A balanced blend of confidence, comfort and efficiency, Drop Optimized Geometry® gives you all the encouragement you need…

The essence of any bike is geometry, it’s DNA. The lengths and angles of tubing define the ride and capabilities of a bike. This is geometry designed to bring the best out of every rider. Comfortable and efficient on the climbs, once the seat is slammed and you’re dropping in, the long front centre and slack head angle take you down in style. Throw the sizing rule book away, pick a size based on reach and choose a dropper post to suit. Drop Optimized Geometry® unlocks rider potential, helping to blow those clouds of doubt away and bring on the rainbows and unicorns…

Slack Head Angle: We design our bikes to perform on the broadest range of trails possible, but deep down we know that when things get steep, when things get tough, this is where we want the bike to really shine. A slack head angle opens up possibilities like nothing else, giving your front wheel licence to roll over terrain and carry you through in style.

Steep Seat Angle: Steeper seat angles keep your centre of mass further forward on the bike whilst seated. This is critical to keeping the front wheel planted on the ground during steep climbs. Not only that, a centred position on the bike is more balanced and more comfortable to ride in.

Short Seat Tube: Our seat tubes are short. Without the restriction of saddle height limits, a rider can choose their bike based on length. Tailor the fit of your bike with a dropper that suits you, your size and your riding style.

“Embrace modern, forward thinking sizing and open up a new world of performance.” – IMBikemag


Handling fees included. All frames ship from West Kelowna, BC. 

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