MicroSHIFT Acolyte 8 Speed 11-46T Groupset

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Introducing the silly value MicroSHIFT 8 speed groupset. We've packaged this up ourselves and completed it with a KMC 8 speed chain. 

Details below: 



Acolyte 8-Speed Right Xpress Shifter With Indicator

Changing gears is a snap with the Acolyte shifter. Discrete thumb and index levers and a crystal clear gear indicator simplify shifting decisions, making each action and reaction easy to understand. And, of course, it retains the light action and positive indexing that microSHIFT has made its name on.

  • Ergonomic trigger placement
  • Clear and easy to read indicator




Acolyte SpringLock Rear Derailleur for 1×8 Speed

The heart of the Acolyte derailleur is our innovative SpringLock system. By pairing a customized linear rate high tension spring and a dual stage activation mechanism, we’ve developed a system that can provide substantial chain security when you need it and can be turned off when you don’t.  To engage the clutch, turn the engagement bolt clockwise until it clicks. There’s no way to overtighten the bolt. To disengage the clutch for wheel removal, flip the switch. It’s that simple.

  • Innovative SpringLock chain retention keeps chain in place over rough terrain
  • Direct path cable routing for smooth and responsive shifting
  • Compatible with 12-42T and 12-46T 8-speed cassettes
  • Compatible with Acolyte shifters only


CS-H083 12-46T


Acolyte 12-46T 8-Speed Cassette 

The Acolyte 8-speed, 12-46T cassette gives you all the range you need to challenge yourself.  Whether you’re climbing the Cascades or the neighborhood sledding hill, all you have to think about is where to put the bike – Acolyte will take care of the rest.  And yes, it works with a standard HG freehub body and a normal 8-speed chain

  • Carbon steel cogs are continuously forged for strength and shifting accuracy
  • Compatible with standard freehub bodies




KMC 8 Speed. What else do you really need to know? :) 



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